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Proven, step-by-step system has changed hundreds of lives.

We would love to help KICKSTART your health & Fitness this coming year.


To help promote our new gym we're doing something a little crazy!!! We are Offering Free Transformation Sessions!


We're Looking For 10 Wichita Women Who Want an Opportunity to Transform Their Health Over the Next 6 to 12 Weeks.

What is a Transformation Session? A detailed Heath and Fitness Plan.

The Transformation Sessions Includes: (1) Full Body/Weight Analysis, (2) Health & Nutrition Consultation, (3) Physical Assessment, and (4) Programming (plan to achieve your health and fitness goals).

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Claim Your 

New You 

FREE Transformation




You will be WITH A TRAINER 3 to 6 times per week taken through the most cutting edge workouts available to help you melt fat, tone up, and see results fast.

We'll track your progress which will help you continue to improve, avoid plateaus and keep seeing results making it a life style.


We will sit down with you and make your own custom meal plan. Exactly what you need, given your body, schedule, and food preferences, so it is not only doable, but enjoyable. We adjust every week as needed to make sure you see results week-in, week-out.


Grocery List

We will sit down with you and map out your exact grocery list so you know what to buy at the grocery store, and leave nothing to guesswork. Average person spends ~$45/week on groceries for 21 meals at Walmart or Trader Joe's. Our process will cut down on your time in the grocery store with most people getting in and out in under 15min.


Our interval based "HYBRID" workouts use only the newest and most proven methods of interval based training to tighten, tone, firm and basically melt fat!

Interval based training is so effective that a sustained metabolic effect (increased caloric burn rate AKA increased fat burn rate) can last up to 48 hours after a single 30 minute workout!


Direct Line of Contact

Not only will you have us when you are in the gym working out, but you will also be able to contact your personal accountability coach whenever you need help, tips, advice, or just someone to give you some extra encouragement. We are here to help you succeed. They will also CHECK-IN WEEKLY to congratulate you on your success and keep you on track.



Best decision I ever made when I joined. this place has change so much for me, I feel great. energized and it is a great place trainers are the best. Tyler Blake are not just great trainers, they care and stand by you and support you. love this place. Thank you

Rita Jack